Sturdy shoes, if not fashionable

"The shoemaker's children always go barefoot." And that's how it's been with this web site. For years, while working as a professional programmer, I only maintained a cobbled together index page. Well now I'm taking the time to make this site at least a little more attractive.

This is basically a display-only web site. It uses a combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. All of the content is stored as HTML fragments in an secure folder. The core program (www.cgi) reads an ASCII list of menus and stories to display on each page. The core program is written in the C programming language and can be used with very little modification to display content for all types of organizations.

If your last name is or was Stevelt, and you'd like a page on here for yourself, please contact me and I will help you set up a page for your stories. Also, I can set up an email account for you on our domain

Silver Hammer Software

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Grotto - A card solitaire game

My mother was playing the classic version of this game and I thought it would be a fun programming challenge. It is similar to Klondike. The goal is to build four piles from Ace to King. My mother does not know what the real name is, so I called this Grotto.

This internet version also contains three variations in the way the cards are originally arranged. If you login, you can also participate against the fastest players to date.

Play Grotto