Coronavirus by State Anaylsis PER CAPITA

This is analysis of Coronavirus Cases and Deaths by State which shows the number of case and the number of deaths per 100,000 people population. Yes, New York is definitely the most deadly place.

Notice that the death rate in Indiana is twice that of Kentucky.

Notice that the case rate in Tennessee is way higher that Kentucky, but their death rate is lower.

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Carl's Body Weight Exercises

When the coronavirus pandemic closed all of the gyms, Carl shared the body weight exercises that he does. Note that some of these exercises require other people to assist which would not be allowed with current 'social distancing' rules.

I have done minor editing of the message he sent to me on JPay.

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Hee Haw Hoedown

A "Hee Haw" tribute show produced by many of our talented local amateurs and featuring a local pro Jimmy Davis.

I shot the video, made animations to insert betweeen some scenes and edited the video.

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Silver Hammer Software

Click here for Stock Market software which includes the following:

Grotto - A card solitaire game

My mother was playing the classic version of this game and I thought it would be a fun programming challenge. It is similar to Klondike. The goal is to build four piles from Ace to King. My mother does not know what the real name is, so I called this Grotto.

This internet version also contains three variations in the way the cards are originally arranged. If you login, you can also participate against the fastest players to date.

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