Pool Stroke Video Analysis

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Ewa Laurence

Ewa Laurence is a world champion pool player.
This is a collection of her YouTube videos.
Lessons Hustles and Tricks
The Stance
Hustler Shots
The Grip
The Mosconi Shot
The Stroke
Four-in-One Shot
The Stop Shot
Jar the Table
The Follow Shot
The 5 in 1 Shot.
The Draw Shot
The Coin Wrapper Shot
Stroke Drills
The Railroad Shot
Chalk It Up!
Evil Knievel
Aiming - The Ghost Ball
The Corner Hooked Kick
Pre Shot Routine
Fist and Rail Bridges
The Mechanical Bridge

Collection of Pool Web Sites

World Pool Association Rules
One Pocket Rules
Golf Billiard Rules
Golf Billiard Rules - Snooker Version
Dooly's Golf
Mark Finkelstein Easy Pool Tutor
Lesser Known Billards Games by Tom Simpson