Victory Wholesale Group

I've worked with Victory Wholesale Group for over 25 years and written several websites for them. These are all password protected sites, which I will be glad to demonstate to you if you are interested in a programming project. These sites include:

  1. Victory Inventory and Order Entry System
  2. Food Marketing Group Order Entry and Reporting System
  3. Associate Web Site for HR
  4. Production Notes Repository
  5. Management Dashboard

Click here to view the public page for Victory Wholesale Group.

Click here to view the public page for Food Marketing Group.

Madison Freethinkers

Madison Freethinkers is replacing their current Meetup page with a custom website.

Click here to go to the new site.

Option Analyisis Tool

Click here to run Option Analyisis Tool.

Bare Bulb Productions

All types of art. Currently in development

Click here to run Bare Bulb Productions.

Webalizer Report

This is the 'webalizer' report for activity on all sites hosted on the server.  Click here to view report